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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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with eight people shot in oakland. this morning, the chilling surveillance video. american airlines going bankrupt. how the carrier built up years of massive debt. dense fog in the area, winds whipping up shortly. we'll talk about that coming up. traffic cameras socked in with fog. we have fog advisories all over the bay area and we have mobile5 now checking out roads, showing you the areas with the thickest fog. we'll have it all in traffic this morning. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's november 29. >> and i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. we begin with a 1-year-old oakland boy who is fighting to survive this morning after being shot in the head. >> seven others shot in a hail of gunfire. the search is on for the shooter. gil diaz reports from oakland where the boy had surgery. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sure it was a long night for the 1-year-old boy's family and friends who have been here
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at children's hospital right behind me. the boy's identified as hiram. here's video of who was leaving the hospital this morning. this happened a half hour ago, investigators from the oakland police department i would say probably eight of them leaving the hospital, not quite sure why they were here, maybe to talk to the family. we talked to them briefly. they said the boy is alive still but clinging to life. he is in critical condition. they don't have any suspects right now. and they are not questioning anyone at this time. they looked pretty tired to me. but here's that chilling surveillance video of the shooting from yesterday around 6:0. people are hanging out and they duck for cover. they are running from the parking lot. even going under the truck. you will see in this brief second that one person is firing back at the assailant. you will also see in the reverse shot of the
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surveillance video three people in hooded sweatshirts on the sidewalk rounding the building's corner and start firing. two shoot some more. all eight victims including one woman were rushed to the hospital before officers arrived. by the time the first officers arrived, the coast was clear. upon arrival we just found basically an empty lot, blood and casings everywhere. start check the local hospitals. and about eight people showed up so far shot. >> reporter: nearby businesses said they heard up to 40 shots last night. you will see yellow markers at the scene. no suspects, no arrests, no motive yet. witnesses say they saw a dark
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older buick leaving the scene on 7th toward the freeway. there were three teenagers and a man in his 30s inside. also, we are told that that music video shoot that incident in the parking lot was for kafani a local rapper near oakland. we are looking at twitter, his tweets from the past 12 hours. he says that he was not shooting a video last night. he was not shot. the boy who was shot is his cousin's son. >> thank you, gil diaz in oakland. in san jose, police say they have arrested a suspect in a late night shooting in the city's blossom valley area. officers were called to the scene on apple blossom drive around midnight. they say a man was shot several times with nonlife-threatening wounds. no word on motive. today "occupy oakland" members plan to return downtown with a different kind of demonstration. this time they say they will establish a round-the-clock
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presence at frank ogawa plaza to have a central location for the movement but will not camp. police have cleared the plaza twice in the past month. right now several dozen students at uc-santa cruz are holding an administrative building on campus. 75 students stormed a building yesterday. they are protesting pepper spraying of a uc-davis student and rising tuition costs. the takeover is timed to coincide with a meeting of the uc board of regents at four campuses which started yesterday. new this morning american airlines and american eagle's parent companies are filing for bankruptcy. amr and amr eagle holding corporations filed for chapter 11 this morning. the carrier reportedly lost $868 million in the first three- quarters of the year. both companies say they will honor all airline tickets as
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they go through the bankruptcy process. if you are driving or plan to drive this morning, be careful. there is a dense fog advisory in effect. kristy seifkin reports from the golden gate bridge where there are pea soup conditions. >> reporter: definitely cold and pea soup conditions. dense fog at the golden gate bridge. perfect example of what we are seeing bay area wide. look over my shoulder at the toll plaza. usually you could see the top of the bridge, and all that fog. a couple of cars 5 to 10 miles an hour people driving slowly because it's difficult to see. our videographer had the same experience coming from san jose up to the city. patchy fog on his commute as well so every contending with this, this morning. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory last night at 10:00 and that's
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going to stay in effect until 9:00 this morning. visibility only a quarter of a mile in a lot of places and an eighth of a mile in some and some places recording visibility close to zero. we saw similar foggy conditions yesterday morning and if you were trying to send one of your thanksgiving visitors back on a flight, probably was a frustrating experience. we saw delays and cancellations at san jose airport. sfo seeing several delays as well. with the conditions we're seeing this morning probably a repeat performance at least for the next couple of hours before we start to see fog break up in the morning hours. now, safety obviously a concern as you head out this morning. several advisories on our bridges. elizabeth will fill you in on that. we will see the moist air leave the bay area with big changing areas. lawrence will have the full freeway closure in a bit but in the -- lawrence will have the full forecast in a bit but in the meantime leave a safe distance between you and the
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car in front of you. how about, lawrenc? hanging out with supermodels and giving us the forecast. >> rather hang out with you guys. [ laughter ] visibilities less than a quarter mile in many spots even some places reporting less than an eighth of a mile this morning so dense fog advisories this morning. tomorrow different story strong winds mixing out the fog. right now 41 concord, 41 santa rosa, 40 livermore. by the afternoon temperatures up into the 50s and 60s. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going back out to mobile5 crossing the bay bridge on the upper deck this morning. i think they just made it past treasure island. looks like they are heading towards treasure island at the "s" curve. it is foggy definitely across
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the span this morning on the upper and lower decks. looks like a clear spot towards the tunnel. but there are official fog advisories on most of the bridges including the bay bridge, golden gate bridge, san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge. you name a bridge, it's got a fog advisory this morning. let's go quickly to our matches. we can show you some of the roads are pretty socked in, as well. this is actually a leave look through milpitas at 880 and 237 but yeah, grace is giggling. you can't see much. there are cars behind that blanket of fog. we'll have more on traffic and a check of mass transit. might be a good idea. coming up in just a little bit. >> she could tell us anything. we would have to believe her. >> that could be the north pole for all we know. this is it. dr. conrad murray set to be sentenced today. we'll have a live report from los angeles. the iphone does just about everything even catching on fire. how the apple gadget went on fire in the middle of a flight.
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coming up.
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[ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. its first home basketball game since an assistant coach was fired. the school fired bernie fine sunday night after a third welcome back. syracuse university plays its first home basketball tonight
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the first time since an assistant coach was fired. bernie fine was fired sunday night after a third allegation of sexual abuse as well as an audio recording surfaced. on the tape, fine's wife acknowledges that her husband's adding sexual abuse while speaking with one of his accusers bobby davis. davis says he secretly recorded the conversation in 2002. fine denies the allegations against him. more campaign trouble for republican presidential candidate herman cain. a georgia woman came forward saying they had an affair. this is 46-year-old ginger white says the relationship went on for 13 years. she says he ended it before the presidential race. she says the affair took her away from her humdrum life at the time. >> it wasn't complicated. and, uhm, i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was
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involved in a very inappropriate situation. >> cain has denied the affair but admits he knows white. he says he is worried about the impact the accusations will have on his own wife and his family. grace? the second day of voting is under way in egypt where people are casting ballots in the country's historic parliamentary elections. yesterday, some voters waited in line for more than 7 hours to cast their ballots. the proceedings have been peaceful despite the previous week's riots that killed dozens of people. a lot of egyptians consider this the start of a new era after long-time leader hosni mubarak was ousted in february. 6:13. michael jackson's doctor learning his feat this morning. the family in court this morning. safety concerns about apple's iphone. how it caught on fire. we'll show you coming up. ♪ laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like a --
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today is the day it could range from probation all the way to four years behind bars. dr. conrad murray is about to learn his fate for his role in the death of pop singer michael jackson. joy benedict joins us from los angeles, where he is due to be sentenced in just a couple of hours from now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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family and fans have been waiting 29 months for someone to pay for the dealt of the pop star. this morning, dr. conrad murray will be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on november 7. he spent the last 22 nights in a county jail. today's court hearing is scheduled for 8:30 this morning. that's when the jackson family gets a chance to speak offering victim impact statements. it's also a chance for us to mare from conrad murray himself who chose not to speak at trial. he may ask for leniency, apologize or whatever. as for his sentence, he faces up to 7 years in prison. the defense wants probation and legal analysts say it will fall somewhere in between. >> he wouldn't serve a day in state prison. i'm anticipating it will be a three-year state prison sentence. he will serve his sentence in a county jail. it will automatically be cut in half the day he arrives. he will get credit for time served up to now and release
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date will be determined by the sheriff, which means we can expect him to be home within a couple of months. >> reporter: obviously, the issue itself is overcrowding not only in the state system but also the county system. if someone is convicted of a nonviolent or nonsex crime the person can choose to spend time in the county system but here in los angeles county, we are so overcrowded we will reach capacity in the next couple of months. exactly how much time he will serve behind bars, we'll have to wait and see. >> joy, wasn't murray after he got the verdict, some said he might be on suicide watch he was so despondent. does anyone have a clue on, you know, how he is feeling right now? >> reporter: you know, we have heard varying reports. i think that the rumors came down about suicide watch.
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we do know that he is in solitary confinemen by himself supposedly for his own presentation. he is being held in the medical wing which is standard procedure when you have this time of a high-profile person. they are not going to put them out in general population in the los angeles count jail. i'm not hearing the rumors lately about depression or suicide watch but we'll see when he comes into the courtroom in a couple of hours. >> thank you, joy benedict live in l.a., thank you. let's check in with lawrence and the fog is terrible this morning. >> yeah. we have that ground fog out there right now on the surface. visibilities a quarter mile some places down to an eighth so be careful out the door. we'll watch it slowly beginning to break up throughout the morning hours. but it's going to take some time. unfortunately the commute this morning will be rough. visibilities, yes, across the board. less than a quarter mile. now as we head in toward
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tomorrow, fog goes away. we have some winds expected to kick up. high wind warnings going into effect tomorrow morning. expecting winds 20 to 40 miles per hour gusts likely higher than 55 miles per hour across some of the mountaintops here in the bay area. likely to see some trees coming down and also some power lines. this afternoon, looking at partly cloudy skies, hazy conditions, temperatures in the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. chilly and cold fog out there 38 degrees foggy in livermore, 39 in concord, 45 san jose, 40 in santa rosa. looks like that ridge of high pressure kind of a flat ridge going to weaken somewhat. this area of low pressure going to drop over the top of it and we'll see winds out of the north helping to clear out the fog. more of a northerly component to the winds overnight tonight and tomorrow. less fog tomorrow. but the winds will be the big concern as we head in toward the next couple of days. foggy start to the day, hazy sunshine in the south bay by the afternoon, a few leftover clouds in the east bay keeping
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the temperatures cooler in the 50s and 60s. and inside the bay we are looking at temperatures as high as 63 in oakland, about 61 in san francisco, and 64 in santa rosa. next couple of days, the fog is going to go away. winds will really be whipping around the bay area on wednesday and thursday. subsiding by friday. looks like a nice weekend though coming our way. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks. i can't tell you as much as i can show you what's going on, on the roads with all that fog out there. it's not budging much from any of our traffic cameras. you can actually see cars though on the golden gate bridge. that's southbound traffic headlights towards the pay gates heading into san francisco. so yeah, overall, we have not seen too many incidents on the roads considering how foggy it is out there. official fog advisories issued by chp for just about every bridge including at the bay bridge toll plaza. the hardest thing is seeing the caltrans warning signs it is so thick out there all across the deck. we sent out mobile5 earlier. drivers were taking it slow especially on the "s" curve towards the tunnel. so as you can see from this
6:22 am
wait now behind the pay gates the metering lights were turned bon 10 minutes ago so a little earlier, about 10 minutes earlier than typical and it's already stacking up towards the end of the parking lot. with the fog it's difficult to see how long the wait times are. mass transit a good option to avoid the fog. it's thick especially through the macarthur maze portions of the east bay. bart systemwide on time. ace, muni, caltrain and ferry, every mass transit all reporting no delay this morning. i mentioned we have not seen too many accidents on the road. there have been a couple and this is one of them westbound 580 at castro valley boulevard. they have the right lane blocked off and you can see it's jammed up for several exits on westbound 580. not sure if it's fog related but again they are sending crews to the scene. chp should be on scene now. in the south bay earlier we could see a few headlights on northbound 280 heading out of downtown. not the case anymore. so fog an issue all over the bay area. that's traffic. back to you. >> you see headlights there?
6:23 am
>> no. none. >> i swear could you see them earlier. talk about a hot apple gadget. an iphone catches fire. the weird signs it was giving off before it caught fire, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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back now at 6:25. if you were glued to your computer cyber monday you were
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not alone, folks. today we'll find out if the sales lived up to the hype. preliminary numbers from ibm benchmark show online sales up about 20% over last year's cyber monday. that's great news. earlier estimates predicted 120 million americans would shop online taking advantage of the post-thanksgiving bargains. and federal investigators took advantage of cyber monday as well conducting a crackdown on counterfeit goods. for the second year, they seized the domain names of 150 websites accused of selling counterfeit items including sports jerseys, dvds, shoes, variety of other items. most of the knockoff merchandise was made in china and other overseas locations. the iphone is one of apple's hottest items. we all know that. but this is not what anyone had in mind. an australian airline says a passenger's iphone similar to this one start smoking glowing red and then melted during a flight. a flight attendant had to douse the phone with a fire
6:27 am
extinguisher. australian aviation officials are looking into what happened but there is no indication that this ever happened to any other iphone. amazing. >> i use mine so much. i'm kind of surprised it hasn't gone up in flames. [ laughter ] 6:27. coming up, facebook is inching closer to going public. how soon you can get a piece of the social network. coming up. and a bombshell announcement from american airlines. the sudden move to file for bankruptcy and what this means for passengers. the filming of a rap music video leaves one baby shot in the head. the chilling surveillance video you have to see coming up. and dense fog blanketing the bay area this morning. what these pea soup conditions mean for your commute and any travel plans coming up. >> closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation, a part of sutter health. ,,
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's tuesday, november 29th. i m grace lee. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 6-- happy tuesday morning, frank. it is november 29th. >> where did that come from? >> i'm grace lee. >> i had a good last half hour. >> coming down the stretch here. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. no one happier today to deliver your weather report than lawrence karnow, ladies and gentlemen, who is all about the f-o-g. >> that's what i'm about today, a lot of it around the bay area right now. it's gray out the door. be careful. visibilities less than a
6:31 am
quarter mile some places less than an eighth of a mile. more on that in a moment. first let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> some of our traffic cameras you can't see at all what we can see is a little bit of backup approaching the pay gates at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. we'll show you how far things are stacking up here plus a look at other bay area bridges coming up. thank you. 6:31 now. this morning, oakland police are looking for the gunman who shot eight people including a 1-year-old boy. the toddler underwent surgery at children's hospital and that's where we find gil diaz. >> reporter: a chilling video we are to see in a moment. police may be looking for more than one suspect they are looking for three suspects maybe who got away in a dark colored buick going west soon after the shooting as well as a man in his 30s. we are in front of children's hospital where the 1-year-old boy was rushed to yesterday
6:32 am
around 6:30. we are told that he is in critical condition. people are coming into work right now. they don't know much about what's going on. but take a look at the video of who we saw leaving the hospital this morning. this is a group of investigators from oakland's police department leaving the hospital in two cars. probably about eight of them. they were here probably less than an hour. we briefly talked to them. they said that the boy is alive in critical condition, to undergo surgery overnight. they say that there are no suspects right now, no motive and that they are not questioning anyone at this time. but here is that chilling surveillance video of that shooting. this is 7th and willow street at a liquor store park lot. you see people hanging out and all of a sudden they are ducking for cover fleeing the scene. they are going under the trucks for protection. you will see some of them -- one of them firing back at the assailants. a reverse shot of the surveillance video shows three
6:33 am
people in hooded sweatshirts rounding the building's corner and then fire, hailing bullets at the crowd. one of them maybe an automatic weapon because he was there for a long time shooting at the crowd. now, all victims rushed to the hospital before cops arrived. yeah, police are asking for witnesses to come forward because they say a lot of them were there at the scene. >> we really are asking the assistance of the community tonight to please get involved. we know that we had a lot of people out here this evening. there were a lot of eyes and ears. police come forward. >> now, nearby business say they heard about 30 to 40 shots. andy mention that that incident happened a filming of a rap music video. some say it was for local rapper kafani. he was not there. he says he tweeted. there were more than 50 evidence markers on the ground. they are also looking for three
6:34 am
teenagers possibly and a mid- 30s man leaving the scene. we'll have more about kafani later this morning. back to you, frank. >> thank you, gil diaz. today "occupy" protestors are planning a different demonstration in downtown oakland. they say they will reestablish around the clock presence at frank ogawa plaza it have a central location for the movement but they have no plans this time to camp out all night. police have cleared the plaza twice in the past month. new this morning the parent company of american airlines is seeking bankruptcy protection. am r and amr eagle filed for chapter 11 this morning. the carrier reportedly lost $868 million in the first three- quarters of the year. normal flight operations will continue during this reorganization. also, the current ceo will step down and if you have a ticket it will be honored. bay area drivers be careful out there. the fog is bad and thick this
6:35 am
morning. >> yeah. bad visibility on the roads because of all the dense fog all across the region. and kristy seifkin is over at the golden gate bridge where it's starting to clear up. >> reporter: yeah. [ loud noise in the background ] >> reporter: hard to hear with all the cars. my videographer and i were talking about it, it probably got a little better over the last hour but still very dense fog out here at the golden gate bridge and also seeing dense fog conditions at the san mateo bridge and bay bridge. as you look over my shoulder at the toll plaza, still can't make out the top of the bridge. usually you can although you're probably see a bus at this point blocking the toll plaza. these have been the conditions we have seen over the last several hours. in fact, as i was driving into the city this morning, several drivers in front of me only driving about 5 to 10 miles an hour because it was just so difficult to see. it's so bad outside that the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory last night at 10:00 and that's going to stay in effect until 9 a.m.
6:36 am
visibility only about a quarter mile in a lot of places. even less though in other locations down to zero in some places. we saw similar foggy conditions yesterday morning. those of you trying send back a visitor from thanksgiving might have been a little frustrated. we saw those cancellations and delays at san jose airport, sfo seeing delays, as well. and with the type of conditions we're seeing this morning, probably going to see a repeat performance. so definitely want to check the flight status if you are heading out during the morning hours. safety obviously a concern as you make your way on the roads. seeing visibility as little as a quarter mile at the golden gate bridge. so resist that temptation to get close to the car ahead of you to see where you're going. good news is we are going to see this fog make its way out of bay area soon. lawrence karnow will have a full update on that in just a little bit. right now, back to you. >> i am told that lawrence karnow has the power to remove all the fog. >> really? i wasn't told that. >> i wasn't, either. but it's a good segue. >> you don't know that, do you,
6:37 am
grace? >> i do know that. [ laughter ] >> we are going to get rid of the fog though coming up but right now it is very gray around the bay area again. the winds pretty much nonexistent and that's allowing all that ground fog to form. visibilities less than a quarter mile. now, that is all going to change in the next 24 hours. we are going to see some strong northerly winds kicking up and that is going to whip out all the fog around the bay area and the winds will become a concern for other reasons by tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s and 40s around the bay area this afternoon. looking at 50s and 60s, more on the winds coming up in a moment. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and our traffic cameras yeah, they look like this. it's a guessing game as to where these cameras are located. this is actually in milpitas at the 880/237 interchange. believe it or not you can see a few headlights in the distance on westbound 237. you couldn't see anything earlier. so your drive time is still okay but fog advisories still in effect this morning
6:38 am
including at the san mateo bridge. hey, we can actually make out the caltrans warning sign warning us of the dense fog all across the span. coming up, a check of the bay bridge. back to you. >> all right, elizabeth. thanks. what if you could put money in a parking meeter from a remote location and all you have to do is use your cell phone? that idea is now becoming reality in one area of san francisco. so when a meter is about to expire, drivers get a text alert and for 45 cents, the user can pay by phone. the program is rolling out first in parts of castro district. it may expand soon to other neighborhoods if it's popular and works. there are new signs that facebook may soon be going public possibly early next year. kcbs radio's matt bigler has details on what could be some huge news in silicon valley. matt? >> reporter: yeah. you know, grace, this has been the water cooler conversation near silicon valley for some time. when will facebook finally go public? well, looks like we finally have an answer.
6:39 am
according to the "wall street journal," facebook is looking at going public sometime early next year with initial public offering or ipo in the 2nd quarter of 2012. but the big news is, the big headline is that facebook is trying to value itself at $100 billion, billion with a b, making it worth more than companies like disney, amazon at about half the value of google and microsoft. some people are asking if that's a little too pricy. we talked to larry dignan editor-in-chief at zv net. he thinks facebook's growth peaked at around 800 million users and the company is also facing stiff competition or i should say new competition at least from google with the company rolling out going the plus its version of a social -- google plus, its version of a social network, although he doesn't think google plus is real competition at least not yet. >> like a lot of the techies have gravitated to google plus.
6:40 am
but i'm not seeing the average bear. my neighbor is not on google plus. my family isn't o google plus. all those people are on facebook. >> reporter: facebook is expected to announce annual revenue of $4 billion. so it is making a lot of money. by the way, if facebook is worth $100 billion that would make mark zuckerberg the company's ceo and founder worth about $24 billion. that's an easy computation since he is reported to own about 24% of facebook. that's the latest from near silicon valley. back to you guys. >> matt, did they give you any idea why in the spring, why are they waiting until next year? we have been talking about this for months. >> reporter: it's not clear. according to the journal mark zuckerberg has been warming to the idea of going public. he has been very slow in going about it. but he is -- they are finally looking at filing papers next year. the timing, there is no real indication of why. it could be they are hoping for
6:41 am
market conditions to change. but those are all reports according to the "wall street journal." >> thank you. >> that would be an ipo i would like it get in on. >> $1 billion? i think there's enough for all of us. from the world's most famous bridesmaids to author. the six-figure book deal f pip -- pippa middleton. and the generous way three businessmen plan to spend money they won in a lottery. and the market just opened. let's check the numbers. so far, not much happening. up a little bit and down a few. we'll have more with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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we are waking up to dense fog down below. let's go live outside. we'll notice changes from yesterday. remember the mid- to high-level clouds yesterday? that was the main factor why the low clouds didn't break up. we don't have that this morning. so even with the dense fog this morning looks like it will break up earlier. the sun can help to mix that out a little later on. still, it is thick all around the bay area this morning. slow to break up, probably about the middle of the morning before it does.
6:45 am
once it gets going, a nice afternoon. still visibilities less than a quarter mile and some places reporting less than an 8th of a mile here in the bay area. by tomorrow, the fog is gone and the winds are going to be the major concern. we are going to see some strong winds kicking up especially over the north and east bay hills. sustained between 20 to 40 miles per hour. gusting over 55 miles an hour. likely to see some trees coming down. maybe some power outages over the next couple of days. so this afternoon, partly cloudy with some hazy sunshine, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll start to mix out some of the low clouds and fog in most spots. numbers right now 38 degrees and foggy in livermore, 39 concord, 45 san jose. high pressure rather weak ridge low going to drop over the top of the ridge so that will help to bring the winds out of the north tonight and into tomorrow. so really looks like fog not a big concern tomorrow morning but rather, the winds as they will be blowing very strong. looks like the temperatures this afternoon 60s in the south bay, 50s and 60s at the coast.
6:46 am
mixed bag in the east bay taking time to mix out the low clouds and fog there, so 50s and 60s there. 60s inside the bay. next couple of days fog is gone, strong winds over the mountaintops. winds subside toward friday. and the weekend looks like we stay dry over the next seven days. it's traffic time. for that we head to elizabeth. >> we have a second day of another pretty creepy commute. look at this live picture now of traffic on the golden gate bridge towards san francisco. thick fog on the cameras. looks like it's lifting. earlier you couldn't see much. there are still official fog advisories on just about all of our bridges including the golden gate bridge this morning. that's a change from yesterday where the golden gate bridge was our only bridge that was spared. bay bridge you can see a backup now. the metering lights have been on since about 6:10 this morning so it's jammed to the macarthur maze. drivers are taking it slow
6:47 am
today because that fog is actually all across the upper deck so speeds are really slow especially approaching the "s" curve heading towards treasure island. mass transit is always a good option. might be a better option today. bart is running all trains on time. same thing with ace, muni and caltrain. now, as far as accidents go we haven't seen too many across the bay area. this is one of our only ones we're following and it looks like it was just cleared to the right shoulder. that's why you see that tow truck symbol out there. westbound 580 in castro valley right by castro valley boulevard, it's still very slow in the area as you can see. speeds still under 20 miles per hour. so likely still some activity again out of lanes but it is still a visual distraction. and again, these fog advisories still in effect making it very difficult to see a lot of our cameras. this is the carquinez bridge. you're just going to have to believe me. but right now it is foggy actually all across the eastshore freeway. we actually have mobile5 down that way earlier. so we'll have much more traffic and weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you.
6:48 am
6:47 now. protestors in the iranian capital of tehran stormed into the uk embassy this morning. the group broke down the door and took down the british flag replacing it with an iranian one. they also threw stones at the embassy's windows. on sunday the iranian parliament voted to expel the ambassador and reduce diplomatic ties with england. second day of voting in egypt in the parliament try elections. some voters waited for more than 7 hours to vote. the proceedings have been peaceful despite the previous week's riots that killed dozens of people. and we have been talking about it all morning long. one of the nation's biggest airlines seeking bankruptcy protection. here's jason brooks with kcbs and to tell us a little bit more about the american airlines bankruptcy. jason. >> reporter: good morning. really not a big surprise. perhaps to a lot of travelers out there, but there have been rumors of american airlines parent amr filing for
6:49 am
bankruptcy for months. amr the only of the major u.s. airlines to not file for bankruptcy since 2001. and besides high fuel costs, which have hamstrung the industry as a whole, amr really dealing with high labor costs. all the other major airlines have restructured their labor costs so they can continue doing business turning profits. american airlines has not been able to do that as of yet. so they are hoping that through bankruptcy protection, they can renegotiate some of these labor contracts and go on as an airline. of course that could open it up to other things such as potential mergers or sale. a lot of unknowns at this point. american says it will continue honoring all of its tickets and as it does go on and if it does continue it would likely maintain its frequent flyer mileage points as well. that's a key for airlines in maintaining relationships with their customers. and also this morning, we have another look at home prices from standard & poor's and kay schiller and most markets across the country seeing prices go down including
6:50 am
the bay area. in september, from the month before, average prices bay area dropping 1.5% down almost 6% from a year earlier only 3 of the top 20 markets saw gains. new york, washington, d.c. and portland, oregon. coming off a big rally yesterday, stocks are gaining ground. dow up by 30. nasdaq up 2. s&p is gaining 3 points. >> it is all good, my friend. >> reporter: let's hope it keeps going that way. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and 6:50 now. the three winners of that staggering powerball jackpot in connecticut stepped forward. the jackpot is $254 million. the trio work at a startup asset management firm and they bought a single ticket on november 2. they are take your the lump sum after taxes and take home -- they are taking the lump sum after taxes taking
6:51 am
home $104 million after cash. they say they will give a portion to charity. >> it's usually meatpackers from indiana. these guys are asset managers and i think they live in greenwich, connecticut. so... >> tough life. >> good for them. pippa middleton definitely knows how to make her presence known as a party and mao she can help you throw one, too. >> that's right. the royal sister just signed a deal to write a party planning book. there's also word that she is getting an advance of almost $600,000. the book will show you how to throw the perfect party with recipes and show you hostess etiquette. the plan is to have the book out in time for the 2012 holiday party planning. >> she is kind of pretty. >> hopefully she can write, too. >> see how that goes. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." we check in with jeff glor. >> good morning. >> so you get paid 600 grand to tell people how to party? >> i think i could do that for free but, you know, hey. >> you could have done that at syracuse, right, jeff? >> reporter: you're absolutely right about that, my friend.
6:52 am
thank you very much for acknowledging. that coming up here on "the early show," shoppers are still in a holiday mood speaking of spending. we spent more than $1 billion online on cyber monday. rebecca jarvis will tell us whether that's a long-term retail rally. we'll meet the man who took these spectacular pictures. i don't know if you have ever been to kileaua in hawaii but this guy has been record, these amazing images for 27 years. he has been getting as close as possible to the lava. he is going to talk about why and how he does it and share new images. very, very cool stuff. coming up this morning, guys. >> we were glued. that is pretty cool. hard to get out there. >> jeff, have a good show. it all starts at 7:00 right after our program here. it is 6:52. we continue to follow a developing story over in oakland. >> that's right. dramatic surveillance video from a shooting that injures a baby and seven others. what are local rappers revealing and the clues police have to go on. ,,,,,,
6:53 am
last year, hayli got a life-saving gift from her mom. my mommy! that's right... your mommy donated her immune cells to help destroy your leukemia. st. jude children's research hospital
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. head. and... seven others were shot in a hail this morning a toddler is fighting to survive after bee shot in the head and seven others shot in a hail of gunfire in west oakland. >> this, the search is on for the gunman -- this morning, the
6:56 am
search is on the for the gunman. gil diaz reports from oakland where the little boy has undergone surgery. >> reporter: his name is hiram lawrence, clinging to life in critical condition. the 1-year-old was rushed to children's hospital soon after that shooting happened around 6:30 last night at a liquor store parking lot at 7th and willow street. it was part of the shooting of a rap video, all caught on tape. the crowd is at the parking lot and all of a sudden duck for cover, flee, some of them under trucks for protection. the assailants, three of them seen wearing hooded sweatshirts. nearby businesses say they heard about 30 to 40 shots fired. police are looking for those three assailants. they think they are teenagers and a man in his 30s. they got away in a dark colored older buick getaway car fleeing west on 7th street. now, kafani the local rapper denies that this has anything
6:57 am
to do with him. he says he was not shooting a video last night, he was not shot, but that the one-year-old boy is his cousin. speaking of the other victims there were seven others. one of the them a female adult is also in critical condition this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. today the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson will be sentenced. >> prosecutors want dr. conrad murray to be given the maximum four years in prison. defense attorneys want the cardiologist to give probation. jackson's family will have a chance to speak before the sentencing. court time in l.a. is set for 8:30 this morning. we just wanted everyone to be involved in the story. >> lawrence and i were surprised. >> yeah. >> well, is this fog going somewhere? >> i think it is going to head out of town but it's going to take some time for it to break up. pretty thick in spots. visibility down to a quarter mile, some places reporting less than an eighth of a mile
6:58 am
but about th middle of the morning, it will be gone. tomorrow no fog, but strong gusty winds around the bay area. that will clear out your skies. but the winds are expected to howl through thursday, calming down on friday. the weekend looks good. elizabeth? >> i'm happy to say that even though the fog is so thick, we have not seen very many accidents at all on the roads so far this morning. so this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a wait time of at least 20 minutes to get on the span. they turned on the metering lights early and, of course, we still have these fog advisories in effect for the bridges including the bay bridge and that fog continues all across the upper deck on the san francisco and the oakland side of the span. we have another camera showing you traffic through berkeley so fog an issue pretty much wherever you go. there are fog advisories in effect on highway 37 in novato as well as portions of highway 1 through pacifica and daly city. and i want to show you this camera because we couldn't show you this earlier. this is traffic out of downtown san jose so it is in the south bay too and that's northbound
6:59 am
traffic heading out of downtown towards cupertino. so your drive time isn't impacted but give yourself some extra time. >> take it slow. >> yeah. have we got any rudolph fans here? guess what's on cbs 5 tonight. >> rudolph. >> also, a little bit of a fashion show at 10:00. >> right. >> they do it every year, the big holiday treat if you like victoria's secret, supermodels only, right? >> the supermodels apparently a big fan of one member of the cbs 5 staff. take a look. >> hi, we are victoria's secret angels. we love san francisco. especially your weatherman, lawrence. >> lawrence. >> hi, lawrence. >> hi. [ laughter ] >> you know. >> hi, ladies. good to see you again. >> we have run that about eight times this morning. >> we can never run that enough. >> they were so good. >> yeah. >> i just threw them a bone, sure, no problem. >> i think we threw lawrence a bone. [ laughter ] >> correct that right off the bat. >> so we see the victoria's secret or rudolph? >> one is on at 8,


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